Monday, January 21, 2008

Thing 1- setting up the blog

Thing 1 is to set up a blog on Blogger or WordPress, write a post, and register the blog.

I have used Blogger for about 5 years for various NLLN blogs but have more recently begun using WordPress for the NLLN blog called Northern Insights.

Both are free, both are very popular, and both have many features to explore -- be careful you don't get sucked into spending hours tweaking the look of your blog and adding fun features..

I think the biggest challenge to setting up a blog is to chose a name! The name can sometimes be a challenge -- but pick something fun, or quirky, or serious, or mysterious. Check out what some of your colleagues have selected for names -- they can be quite amusing! "Lutefisk on a stick" as a blog name? I guess you know you're in Minnesota!

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