Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Thing 3 - RSS Account and add Feeds

I experimented over the years with a number of different RSS aggregators and ways to tracking blogs. Often, I just didn't figure out how to make the time to read the blogs that I found really useful and interesting.

Currently I am using Google Reader on my iGoogle page to subscribe to the feeds and have weeded out many of them so that I have a smaller number of blogs, but ones I really, really find compelling to read. Stephen's Lighthouse, Tame the Web, Shifted Librarian are three of my favorite library blogs. And, Northern Lights Insights, is the blog I maintain for the NLLN region -- check it out.

On the Northern Lights Insights blog, and the others mentioned above, are "blogrolls" that list blogs of interest to the person creating the blog. In this case, these are primarily library blogs and all the great ones are there.

In addition to library blogs, I use my Google Reader to subscribe to feeds from Flickr so I can see when new photos are posted, I use it for news feeds of interest to me and book lists from the library. There are lots of uses for RSS feeds.

In addition to RSS feeds, some blogs allow you to subscribe via email so you get the post in your mail box -- that's handy if you tend to not read the blogs often or if some are more important than others.

One thing I have learned from reading library and technology blogs: they all read each other and often share what someone else has posted about. This helps decrease the number of blogs I read since I can often catch up simply by reading a few blogs and then following the links they post about.

Lots to be learned from blogs. There is an RSS feed on this blog if you want to add it to your reader!


GGalles said...

I've also noticed that a lot of library bloggers read the same news sources and each others blogs. I've found a few that are of most interest and some that I read occassionally.

Anonymous said...

First, thanks for looking at my blog. It still causes me a little discontent to be so in the public view. At the same time, I'm glad someone took the time to browse my blog!
Second, thanks for your comments on RSS feeds. You've inspired me to spend a little more time on this. Also, I will be sure to look at the blogs you've listed. It's all about time, but it's also about TAKING the time!