Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Thing 20 - My Space and Facebook

I have had accounts in both Myspace and Facebook for some years but rarely use them. One surprise for me was to find that my children's friends wanted to be friends -- and I was somewhat reluctant to accept their invitations! I thought there was just too much information that I really did not care about, and in some cases would prefer not to know. It all seemed pretty harmless, however, and I found it very interesting to see how the friendships rippled out across the world. That was nifty. A few Facebook friends are of interest to me, but I dont spend much time on either my page or anyone else's.

I do see how Facebook is being used by library staff as a way to make themselves available to students; and libraries that advertise their presence through Facebook and Myspace. Hennepin Co Library has done well in this area and it is interesting to see that kids, in particular teens, use the pages to create a community.

It will be interesting to see where these pages go in the next few years -- they seem to be evolving at an enormously fast rate and have gazillions of applications. I wonder if we might be surprised at what these turn into in the future and what unintended results crop up.

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