Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Thing 31 - Twitter (more)

Twitter is endlessly interesting and valuable to me. I like being able to follow topics indicated by hashmarks (#CIL09), to post from my phone, to search topics and events, to post pictures to, and to update my Facebook page if I choose to.

I have recently joined Twibes/librarians -- but haven't figured out exactly what that does. Lots of interesting librarians on it, however!

Truth of the matter is, however, that I like the plain, basic Twitter application pretty much the best. I use Tweetdeck, FriendFeed, Twirl, and others...but for a quick pick-me-up during the day, basic Twitter is the fastest, and most enjoyable form.

At times it can get to feel overwhelming -- and at that point, I consider the Twitter stream like a river. What's already gone past is gone -- just let it go and dip into the river as it is right now. Things tend to pop up again, if they are important, and since it is not possible to follow everyone closely or to click on every link mentioned, it is sometimes best to just let it go...and jump in with whatever is happening currently!

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Linda said...

I like your river analogy much better than the cocktail party one, especially envisioned in my head. One is soothing, the other not. Just let it flow around you.