Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Lunch at MEMO Midwinter

Originally uploaded by NLLN

This is from MEMO Midwinter -- where people were comparing notes and networking over lunch. The photo and this posting were created in Flickr and posted from there to this blog!

Fast and easy -- just a matter of setting up the permission in Flickr and telling Flickr about your blog -- so it knows where to post it.

Things 4-5 Flickr

I love Flickr!

I have a Flickr account for Northern Lights Library Network (NLLN) and regularly post photos there of events and activities occuring throughout the NLLN region. I recently posted pictures from the MEMO Midwinter Conference last week and there are photos from other events, the Governing Board, Conferences, Spotlight on Books, etc.

One really great thing about Flickr is the ability to post directly to the Northern Lights Insights blog from Flickr -- photo and commentary created without leaving Flickr! It's fast, it's convenient, and it works slick!

For $25 a year I have a "pro" account that allows for lots of storage, easy uploading, and permanancy. Well worth the fee, in my opinion.

I also have a personal Flickr account that allows my far-flung family and friends to share their lives with each other. I have a childhood friend who has lived in Singapore for more than 30 years. She and I have not seen each other in a long time or seen each other's children, but through Flickr she has a sense of my family in all its strange and wonderful ways! I have a daughter living in Costa Rica, a daughter living in Montana, a son in Minneapolis, parents, siblings, and friends all across a variety of states. Sharing pictures via Flickr is easy, anyone can see them, can comment, can share their pictures -- it just helps us feel more in contact and it eliminates all those .jpg files anonymously filling up computer hard drives!

I love Flickr and all the nifty, nifty things you can do with it and with it in combination with other Web 2.0 tools.

Thing 3 - RSS Account and add Feeds

I experimented over the years with a number of different RSS aggregators and ways to tracking blogs. Often, I just didn't figure out how to make the time to read the blogs that I found really useful and interesting.

Currently I am using Google Reader on my iGoogle page to subscribe to the feeds and have weeded out many of them so that I have a smaller number of blogs, but ones I really, really find compelling to read. Stephen's Lighthouse, Tame the Web, Shifted Librarian are three of my favorite library blogs. And, Northern Lights Insights, is the blog I maintain for the NLLN region -- check it out.

On the Northern Lights Insights blog, and the others mentioned above, are "blogrolls" that list blogs of interest to the person creating the blog. In this case, these are primarily library blogs and all the great ones are there.

In addition to library blogs, I use my Google Reader to subscribe to feeds from Flickr so I can see when new photos are posted, I use it for news feeds of interest to me and book lists from the library. There are lots of uses for RSS feeds.

In addition to RSS feeds, some blogs allow you to subscribe via email so you get the post in your mail box -- that's handy if you tend to not read the blogs often or if some are more important than others.

One thing I have learned from reading library and technology blogs: they all read each other and often share what someone else has posted about. This helps decrease the number of blogs I read since I can often catch up simply by reading a few blogs and then following the links they post about.

Lots to be learned from blogs. There is an RSS feed on this blog if you want to add it to your reader!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Thing 2 - What is Library 2.0

I have really enjoyed reading these articles, reading the blog posts, and viewing the videos clips -- I think Stephen Abrams is always compelling and his blog, Stephen's Lighthouse , is an on-going source of info about trends in the library world.
Stepehn recently referred to an interesting post by Marshall Kirkpatrick, another blogger, giving 10 reasons why people don't want to learn Web 2.0 things and then gave possible responses to each reason -- check it out by clicking here. All the reasons you've thought of yourself (I don't have time; I have real work to do; it's just fluff) are here and some very thoughtful reasons you might consider as to why it actually is worth your time and effort to learn more about Web 2.0 and its value to you, your library, and your library community.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Thing 1- setting up the blog

Thing 1 is to set up a blog on Blogger or WordPress, write a post, and register the blog.

I have used Blogger for about 5 years for various NLLN blogs but have more recently begun using WordPress for the NLLN blog called Northern Insights.

Both are free, both are very popular, and both have many features to explore -- be careful you don't get sucked into spending hours tweaking the look of your blog and adding fun features..

I think the biggest challenge to setting up a blog is to chose a name! The name can sometimes be a challenge -- but pick something fun, or quirky, or serious, or mysterious. Check out what some of your colleagues have selected for names -- they can be quite amusing! "Lutefisk on a stick" as a blog name? I guess you know you're in Minnesota!

We're off and running

23 Things on a Stick launched yesterday, Jan 20, and we have had a number of people out of the gates -- setting up their blogs, learning, posting,and moving ahead.

Today is a holiday for some and I anticipate that we'll see a surge of new participants.

Remember to register your blog by Feb 15 to be eligible for incentives.

I look forward to creating a social network in the NLLN region through participation in the 23 Things on a Stick! Ruth

Thursday, January 10, 2008

It's getting closer!

Another welcome to this blog in the days leading up to the launch of "23 Things on a Stick"! I hope you are planning to participate in a journey of discovery and learning!

The official "mother blog" of the project is found at "". At this time the intro is there and much information, including a list of the "23 Things" but: the complete program and live links will not be fully available until January 20th.

Be sure to check back at that time and launch your learning journey.

To be eligible for prizes, you must register your blog by February 15 and complete all 23 Things by April 16, 2008.

It will be a lot of fun. See you later in January!