Monday, February 16, 2009

Thing 28 - Personal webpage

I have used iGoogle as a personal webpage for a few years. I like to have the RSS feeds all in one place, along with weather from the places my family lives (and in Feb it is nice to see the temps in Costa Rica!), tools I use frequently (like a PDF doc converter), gmail, News, and other similar things.

I did not find it easy to my i'Google page to create a personal learning page so tried out Pageflakes in order to customize a number of different pages on specific topics I want to learn more about. I created a pageflake page in order to aggregate info, rss feeds, delicious tags, documents, alerts,webpages on particular topics. I wanted to learn more about gaming in libraries, about broadband accesssibility/availability in MN, uses of Twitter, and webpage design. Pageflakes works to set up a page on each topic and then I can refer to that page when I'm ready to learn more about that topic or institute a new practice.

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